Iskra is a fine art artist living and working in London, England.

Her early childhood was spent living in the mountains with her parents, who moved there to be closer to nature, and to give Iskra the opportunity to grow and freely develop. During this time Iskra developed a deep and abiding connection with nature. Iskra and her parents lived in a very remote area, and she spent a lot of her time discovering the wonders of insects, birds, plants and nature’s beauty. Being the only child in this mountainous region, Iskra fell back on her creativity to inspire her play and imaginary world.

These early experiences fed her imagination and artistic talent. 

Iskra graduated in Illustration and Book Design. Nature was a recurring theme in her work. Following university Iskra joined an advertising agency where she became an Art Director. Here started a period of intense creativity during which Iskra worked with a range of international advertising agencies and clients. Iskra subsequently became a Creative Director and then started her own extremely successful creative studio for advertising and fashion photography. Whilst her time in advertising and the creative commercial world gave her a lot, as time went on she felt a growing pull to re-discover the focussed, intense, solo creative process she experienced in developing original art. Following a summer spent creating her rose garden in London and returning to the nature of her childhood, these artistic urges resulted in Iskra starting to re-connect with her love of art and she started drawing again in earnest. This felt very much like a coming home for Iskra which is reflected in her collection, “The Garden in Me”.

“The Garden in Me” reflects Iskra’s fascination with the hidden details of life and how all around us nature grows and exists, indifferent to our presence and passing unnoticed. The garden conceptually represents a microcosm of life’s circle. We are part of this nature, and we can see the circle of life reflected in the changing seasons and birth, death and re-birth all around us. 

Iskra’s work is very much inspired by the constant change of nature and the beauty of silence.

In viewing “The Garden in Me”, Iskra’s hope is that people will feel their personal connection with nature and understand the hidden signs all around them. It urges the viewer to retain the curiosity and pure joy that is part of the child inside.

“The Garden in Me”, was selected by curator Sergio Gomez for the Visionary Art Collective, Brooklyn, New York  exhibition, ”Metamorphosis: The Art of Transformation”.